From Satisfied Customers...

"Todd and Rick added a room and screened-in deck (with a cathedral ceiling) to my home. My husband and I told them what we had in mind, but with their expertise and suggestions, we ended up with something we never dreamed of. Later, we had them remodel our kitchen. My friends say my kitchen was made for magazines, and I agree. If any of my friends are interested in building a new home or remodeling their existing home, I would insist they contact R&R Construction. No amount of bragging about the quality of their work is as impressive as actually seeing one of their projects completed. You won't be disappointed!"

 - Camala Hart,  Metamora, IN.

"When I came to Franklin County in 1993 looking for someone to help build our retirement home, someone suggested I contact the young Raible brothers. Of the many contractors who helped on the project, they were my favorite. So much so that I even gave them a bonus. They are still my favorite contractors today, but I have learned to get my name in the pot early now."

- Coy Willis, Metamora, IN.

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